Labour Users

A GLAA Licence is not enough – labour users need to implement their own due diligence processes to protect their brand and ethical reputation.

allianceHR help labour users ensure the ethical and legal compliance of agency labour supply to protect brand reputation and improve performance.

  • Agency Workers Regulations 2010 – From Gap Analysis to Option Evaluation to Implementation. Bespoke contractual and procedure preparation. Full AWR consultancy support.
  • Labour Provider Partnership Audits – Conducted confidentially by our experienced specialists against the GLAA standards. Full corrective action reports and action plans.
  • Labour User Consultancy – to ensure legal and ethical agency labour usage and to facilitate joint working towards implementing best practice.
  • Outsourced HR Support – Our team of HR professionals are experienced in the food and GLAA sectors. View our Outsourced HR Support service.
  • Managing a Migrant Workforce – From fast, accurate and cost effective Translation Services to Workforce Cohesion consultancy. Support, advice and training in all aspects of managing a multicultural workforce.
  • Illegal Working Review – A review of your business’s and your agency’s processes for identifying illegal workers and ensuring Eligibility to Work Compliance.
  • Bespoke Document Preparation – Contracts, model policies and procedures, service level agreements; Operations manuals; Employee Handbooks.