Employers and Labour Users

allianceHR supports labour users ensure the ethical and legal compliance to protect brand reputation and improve performance:

  • Labour Provider Consultancy – Consultancy to ensure legal and ethical agency labour usage and to facilitate joint working towards implementing best practice;
  • Labour Provider Auditing – Conducted confidentially by our experienced specialists against the GLAA standards. Full corrective action reports and action plans;
  • Responsible Recruitment – Support from our network of expert consultants in developing and implementing effective policies and actions to embed responsible recruitment in your business and labour supply chains;
  • Sourcing and retaining workers – Consultancy and training to improve your businesses performance in sourcing and retaining workers;
  • Managing a migrant and multicultural workforce – Support, advice and training including: Developing workforce cohesion and an inclusive workplace; Preventing illegal working and eligibility to work compliance reviews; Communicating with a multi-language workforce.